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Hey there!! Welcome to my Carrd! I've been kinning since roughly early last year, so I don't have too much to offer, but I hope you enjoy! Doubles are welcomed since I kin for fun or comfort and just heavily connect or vibe with characters, not in a reincarnation sense nor do I believe in it.


Present Mic / Hizashi Yamada

My Hero Academia


Animal Crossing

Souda Kazuichi | Danganronpa
Ryota Mitarai | Danganronpa
Ms. Joke / Emi Fukukado | My Hero Academia
Touta Matsuda | Death Note
Quantum Slime | Slime Rancher

also kinsidering BOb because how could I not kin the dude screaming chicken and keyspamming

(Simplified it because I probably won't get icons for all of them and the inconsistency felt odd)

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(Things in bold are favorites, and italics are stuff I'm still watching/playing, forgot a lot about, or need to in some way know more about)

Manga/Anime: My Hero Academia (and Vigilantes!!), Death Note, Assassination Classroom, Studio Ghibli

Games: FeralHeart, FreeRealms, Danganronpa, OneShot, Undertale, Deltarune, Terraria, Animal Crossing (I grew up on New Leaf dfjk), Among Us, Portal 1 & 2, Night In The Woods, Meadow, Stardew Valley, Overwatch, WolfQuest, VRChat, Starbound, Slime Rancher

Movies/Shows: Hannibal, Creepshow, The Thing, Infinity Train, Steven Universe (oh gosh is it a mess though), also I like watching corny sci-fi shows and have a very soft spot for The Fox and the Hound and The Lion King because of FeralHeart

I am probably forgetting a lot so feel free to ask about stuff not here!!

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★ - Canonmate found!!
☆ - Looking for canonmate!!

Eraserhead / Shouta Aizawa (My Hero Academia) ☆
Loud Cloud / Oboro Shirakumo (My Hero Academia) ★
Hitoshi Shinsou (My Hero Academia) ☆
Eri (My Hero Academia) ☆
Aurora (Animal Crossing) ☆
Twiggy (Animal Crossing) ☆
L (Death Note) (Copinglink?)

Others who make me happy but aren't from timelines

Niko (OneShot)
Lamplighter (OneShot)
Kelvin (Oneshot)

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I don't really have too much of a DNI (outside of what's probably normal DNI stuff), as long as everyone remains as respectful as possible, I'm pretty chill with anyone!

I will say though that I'm not the person to go to if yer looking for some sorta political or similar convo. I'm not up to start arguments over what I agree or don't agree with.

Also a side note! I am naturally very loud both vocally and through text. I have the tendency to shout when I'm excited, use caps, keysmash, any and everything, but I never do it from being mad nowadays. However, if this makes you uncomfortable nonetheless, please let me know or be careful when in a VC with me!


(These are just things that personally bother me depending on context and can be really specific but I can deal with most of them, I'd just rather not.)

Bugs (mostly the legs)

Using Cishet, Breeder, etc as slurs/insults. I am not a "default setting"

Serious conversation of overdosing/drug use/narcan

Zombies (depends on kind, context, and my mood, but especially realistic ones or as an insult)

Life is Strange (2 is fine but I know little about it)

please don't send me images of pot pies it's stupid but I had gallbladder attacks and get sick from association

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